Based on its especially short main segment, the MasterJib can be assembled in various length versions – from a very short Remote Head version R1 with 770mm arm length up to version R6 with 3630mm arm length. Due to the quick-release system, the MasterJib can be assembled in a few minutes and needs no additional bracing. This keeps the size ratio of the MasterJib small and the action radius large.


  • crane support with integrated base segment, horizontal and double vertical brake, adapter for monitor support, pan angle display, water level

  • end segment 500mm (alternatively 1000mm)

  • counter weight support incl. steel counter weight rods (Ø 30mm)

  • arm segments 500/1000 mm with quick release system (number depends on version)

  • panning handle flexible to mount

  • crane head with mitchell base plate and handles on the side, horizontal angle adjustable